Transom Gulets

Transom guletsIn Turkey, Transom gulets building has been here for a millennium concerning the old construction methods that still exist in Antalya, Kemer, Fethiye, Manavgat, Kas, Cocek, Marmaris, Bodrum, and Bozburun. In these boatyards,

Transom gulets for sale is carried out in accordance with traditional standards which keep the heritage and essence of history in them. It is true that they are traditional in shape but they are also built in an up-to-date style in terms of power engines,

Epoxy lamination materials, highly state-of-the-art equipment and navigational aid products as well. transom gulet for sale

Transom Gulets

A few centuries ago, to the Eastern of the Mediterranean, gulets were built at that time for loading cargos in shallow waters. As for now,

Transom gulets for saleGulets have become a popular two-mast sailing vessel. Gulet building varies in size and accordingly varies in price and even design. Their length starts from 15m up to 45m. Transom turkish gulets is also very common in Turkey for charter, so that you can get high benefits from her performance to serve your commercial inspirations. Transom Gulets