Epoxy Laminated Gulets For Sale

Epoxy laminated gulets for saleYou might be considering an epoxy laminated mahogany hull gulets for sale, or a classic wooden gulets which has carvel planking, as some guests prefer to name them as traditional gulets for sale.

The epoxy laminated wooden hull gulets are far better and stronger than traditional hulls since several layers of epoxy glue laminated wood becomes a monobloc and much more resistant to sea water than traditional carvel planked bodrum built gulets.

Every gulet or yacht has her own personality however the new generation gulets with epoxy laminated hulls are always more reliable and offers safety at sea.

Epoxy laminated Gulets For Sale

experienced captains highly recommend a long keel gulet simply because they are very stable at the sea and safer. Epoxy laminated gulets for sale

The main keel is reinforced with a steel box full of heavy metal parts and cement so that Gulet’s gm would be lower that gives greater stability, not to mention that steel box ( generally one meter deep and 40/50 cm wide 20 / 30 meter long ) gives the gulet a solid backbone which keeps the frames intact and longitudional stiffners are supported that gives the gulets far better safety and stability…!

Epoxy laminated gulets for saleWhen you consider an epoxy laminated gulets for sale, let us know your intentions by sending an email with her reference number including your preferences and our brokers will get back to you as soon as possible with proposed and alternative gulets which are similar to your preferences and budget limits. Epoxy laminated gulets for sale..