Gulets For Sale

Gulets for saleOur gulets for sale in Turkey portfolio will let you have the opportunity to see all alternative gulets within your budget so that you can compare the prices and the quality so that you can make up your mind whether or not meet the owner and discuss the final price or ask about everything that comes to your mind.

if the gulet is in the water we can ask the captain to make a sea trial in your presence. The sea trial should be done prior to any process of signing the contract or buying.

Gulets For Sale

You should have the Gulet inspected, lifted to a drydock so that you can make sure that her underwater hull conditions are ready for cruising. You need to check for the installation of the shaft and her connection with the propeller.

Our gulets for sale in Turkey experienced captains / brokers will be happy to assist you by all means …

Our gulet for sale in Turkey department would like to make a statement to all customers that our reputation is our capital…!
We serve all clients honestly and faithfully.

Gulets for sale in TurkeyGulet for sale in Turkey has been more than thirty years and we keep our words and help our clients even after they buying their gulet for any problem that might happen in the future.