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Turkish Gulet For Sale
Turkish Gulet For Sale

Turkish gulet for sale is designed and built with experienced craftsmen for commercial and privately owned gulets. Modern gulets are radically designed and rigged for best possible sailing performance as close as 30 degrees inward with different riggings such as two masted classic schooners or ketch Turkish gulet for sale.

Modern Gulet hulls are coated with steel putty just like steel or grp hull yachts, made of hard African mahogany wood which is epoxy laminated four layers with epoxy resin and powered with twin screw engines to offer up to 13 knots of motoring and depending on the wind force, performance sailing capability with top of the line sailing gears and high-quality sails.

Turkish gulets for sale can be of various sizes from 15 to 57 meters and they are very common for commercial crewed yacht charter operations in Turkish riviera. Gulet for sale in Turkey has a rather standard building method which has been practiced for centuries in the vicinity of the eastern Mediterranean and in Aegean boatyards such as Fethiye, Marmaris, Bozburun, and Bodrum where Turkish gulet for sale are built in traditional boatyards with modern materials to ensure the gulets hull is mono-bloc strong and seaworthy.

Turkish gulet for sale frames are always built with solid woods such as Oak, Mulberry, Eucalyptus, African mahogany, acaju, teak from Burma (Myanmar), and 316L stainless steel for chainplates and rigging, three or four layers of 10 mm thin epoxy laminated mahogany strips are assembled with epoxy glue and then copper, stainless steel or plastic nails to fix the layers together and then coated with two layers of fiberglass knitted fabric and finally covered with two components epoxy steel putty and then primer coat and final glossy paint to finish the hull.

Gulet building industry has been enjoying well organized and successful growth during the last 25 years, where there are constant orders from all over the world. Luxury gulet has been serving the Turkish Gulet charter industry and the resale value of these custom-designed and built gulets has been very high since each and every gulet is personalized and they are unique projects. Our portfolio of Turkish gulet for sale has so many alternatives and you should easily find a gulet for sale which is appealing to your taste or commercial needs. Numerous gulets are for sale in our portfolio mostly preowned or newly built ones.

Turkish Gulet For Sale

Material Types Of Turkish Gulet For Sale

New generation Steel hull Turkish gulets are stronger and superior with sailing performance as well as low winter maintenance cost when compared to classic gulets. However, modern gulets built with epoxy laminated mahogany hulls are high in demand with high-tech epoxy resins being very resistant to saltwater.

Steel hull gulets are more spacious than the same size wooden Turkish gulets due to construction material. the cost and design of your favored gulet depending on the building materials, amenities, interior furniture, electric and electronic types of equipment, sailing gears, brand names of the materials chosen.

The leading Turkish gulets designers and modern construction technics are implemented by prominent Istanbul boatyards and recently the steel hull Turkish gulet construction has been increasing due to ease of acquiring Rina and Loyd’s class due to their durability, strength, and ease of maintenance preferred by custom-built Turkish gulet enthusiasts.